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Fifteen Restaurant Coffee Training – April 2008

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008


Tristian from Fifteen in Cornwall came to visit recently to install a passion about coffee into our team. He’s coffee crazy and explained a lot about what makes an amazing coffee from the type of bean, to where it’s grown, to how it’s roasted and packaged and all that stuff. We use the same coffee as them called ‘Origin’. It’s triple certified which means it’s ‘Fairtrade’ so the producer gets a good price for it, it’s ‘Rainforest alliance’ so the money gets spent wisely in the local community and it’s ‘Organic’ so the rainforests and big coffee growing bits of the planet stay nice.

It also tastes very good, which in the past was a bit tricky with fair-trade coffee, but not anymore now that Jamie Oliver chaps needs some!

Jimmy O’Palms Homebrew Cola syrup – April 2008

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008


James ‘aka Jimmy O’Palm’ has been busy perfecting his natural cola recipe. His final stroke of genius is the squid ink to help colour the cola so all ingredients are 100% natural. Like a mad professor he mixes an eclectic mix of fresh herbs, spices, cola nuts and a big dollop of love to produce a fresh tasting cola syrup perfect in a variety of our cocktails including the super popular Urban Iced Tea.

Simply mixed with ice and soda water it also makes a refreshing cola all on its own.

Danielski’s Panacha – April 2008

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008


The team all traveled to Brighton recently to take part in a cocktail competition.

Our mixologist ‘Danielski’ came up with this creation based around ciroc vodka where the natural grape twist flavour of the vodka was enhanced with freshly squeezed passion fruit, pineapple and lime juice, nettle cordial and a hint of secret magic.

Whilst it did not win the competition, as summer started our customers certainly loved trying it as Danielski practiced to perfection.