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Saladtastic – June 2008

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

SaladtasticHere’s Mark and Sam meeting some local salad.

Grown just 8 miles away from the hotel this farm grows heaps of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. They pick it to order when we phone them up, so it’s literally just hours old by the time it reaches the Urban Beach kitchen. Mark was a little bit more excited than Sam about this. Sorry vegetarians, but Sam definitely prefers cows to salad leaves.

Mark however would like to say that English strawberries eaten just picked are amazing!

Our adventure – June 2008

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

OurAdventureHi, we’re Sam and Sol and our Daddies are Mark and James (the UB bosses). They’ve shamelessly asked us to say a few words about an amazing day out we went on to meet sheep and cows and lambs and yummy things to put on our new menu and tell you how lucky we are.

Well, to be honest the day was pretty average cos Daddy and Daddy spent along time talking to farmers and wine makers and not a lot of time talking to moo cows. We told Mummies and now they’re in trouble so you don’t have to mention it again. That said we would still like you to come to the Urban Beach for lunch cos Daddies say if nobody comes we can’t afford to eat and we’re just poor helpless children who need milk.

( children were hurt in the making of this blog and we promise to still feed them even if you don’t visit… maybe just a little bit less…)

Summer Wine – June 2008

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

SummerWineWe sell around 50 different wines at the Urban Beach from all over the world, many by the glass, and many more by the bottle. We’ve split our wine into ‘beach’ and ‘urban’ with beach being a variety of ‘new world’s’ such as South American and Ozzie wines, and urban showcasing some of the more traditional ‘old world’ European wines.

To help the team understand the difference, and to be fair to make a lovely summer afternoon even lovelier, we cracked open most stuff on the summer wine list and got tasting. No wine snobbery with us, but just some honest advice on what we like most and why, now available from the team.

Happy slurping!!

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Beach Life – June 2008

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

BeachLifeHere’s our famous Urban Beach cart on a recent trip to look after our beach side colleagues. Worried that our friendly lifeguards and surf school pupils and instructors might be going thirsty we thought we’d take a little urban beach style refreshment to them for a change.

Nothing tastes better after a dip in the ocean than a slice of fresh watermelon or pineapple, or if you can walk up the hill from the beach to our door, we’ll blend it with crushed ice for an amazingly refreshing tipple.

We’ll be sure to run this complimentary cart trip to the beach again soon to spread some more urban beach love, so look out for us xxx