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New Years Eve at Urban Beach

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Are you joining us for New Years Eve?  Early tables available for dining followed by some great funky tunes from our regular DJ ‘Chris Pedley’.  No charge and guaranteed to be an awesome evening.  Look forward to seeing you there! xx



Spirit of the month – December 2010

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Ron Zacapa 23 Rum

With it being Christmas and all, we’ve decided to bring a brand spanking new segment to the Urban Beach blog, and even a new little glimmer on our bar, and so we commence with the very first ‘Spirit of the Month’.


It’s December, a time for thinking of others, a time for generosity. Or perhaps, a time for spoiling yourself, whilst perhaps buying a few stocking fillers for the kiddies. And so, with that in mind, this month’s spirit is Ron Zacapa 23 Rum.

Why Zacapa you ask? Because we love it. And so should you. This is the very rum that has won best rum in the world many times over, and is crafted with as much care and attention and love that it deserves every award it gets, and a few extra kisses on the side.

Zacapa has a wonderful story to tell with each sip. It first made an appearance in 1987, and has been lapped up by appreciative drinkers ever since. It’s rather special taste comes from a very special maturation process, as well as only using only the sweetest rums blended together to gain top quality, highly luxurious and rather yummy rum.

The delicate, sweet and indulgently smooth finish is thanks to a blend of rums from 6 years, to 23 years, with dedicated distillers and blenders checking every batch every step of the way. A highly unique and time consuming way of maturing and blending these rums is the key to that all important quality, and is known as the ‘Sistema Solera’. Whilst it is a traditional method of maturing, it takes a ridiculous amount of time and skill to master, and is the stuff of legends to rum drinkers all over the world. It is the process of marrying up rums of different ages and characteristics in specially chosen Bourbon barrels that allows Zacapa to have a rich, complex finish which even the strictest whisky drinker can appreciate.  These blended rums are aged 2300 ft above sea level, which means less alcohol is lost to evaporation in the heat. Its this kind of wonderful, almost fairytale imagery and thought that makes it so easy to fall head over heels for this spirit. The finished product touches you with hints of vanilla, caramel and chocolate, and leaves you with a smooth sweet finish and a smile on your face.

So there you have it. A magnificent spirit, well and truly deserving of our very first ‘Spirit of the Month’ blog entry. The biggest thank you should probably go to those mater blenders, who I think have the best job in the world. To all of you reading, come down and try it, best served straight, with no ice in sight, and perhaps, if to your taste, some chocolate to nibble on whilst sipping, just to spoil you that little bit further.

Have a very merry Christmas. You know what to put under our tree…

Mulled wine anyone?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

This Christmas Urban Beach is feeling the cold, so we’ve decided to get nice and cosy with our beautiful homemade mulled wine.

Mulled Wine

This year we’ve packed it full of festive spices to get you in the spirit, so wonderfully woven together that you can smell it from outside!  We’ve been slaving over a rather large hot stove to

bring you an inviting mix of cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and even Earl Grey tea to get you feeling all sparkly and special. With that much wine, topped off with a generous slosh of brandy, its sure to leave you feeling warm and cosy, and just a little merry!

So why not pop in, grab that favourite chair next to the fire, and try a glass. We dare you to just have one…

Our Brand New Cocktail Menu

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

We’ve been busy little bees down at Urban Beach over the last month, getting ready for a jam packed December, a seriously Funky New Year party and shovelling all that snow off our decking, and yet, we’ve still managed to find time to bring you a nice shiny new (and very exciting!) cocktail menu!

Cocktail Menu

Our inspiration behind this menu was undoubtedly the vast world of classic cocktails, and within this little bible you’ll find classics we’ve played with, classics too perfect to change, and classics that you might not recognise anymore.

We’ve broken our vast and delicious list into spirits to make it easier for you to know what you’re getting, but not necessarily what to expect. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy, and for every occasion under the sun. We dare you to try something that you’ve never heard of, but if you’re not feeling so brave, we’ve kept some of your favourite ingredients, like our much loved Old Jon’s Spiced Rum, and our homemade Ginger Beer to keep you entertained in new ways.

Ones to look out for if you’re having an adventurous day are the ‘Smoking Flip and Snap’, our sizzling mix of Gran Reprosado Tequila, fresh lime and Lapsang Souchong gomme. This one really does smoke in the mouth, and leaves you with a sensation we dare you to find in any other drink. Another one to look out for is the ‘Corpse Reviver #1’, a classic cocktail you can’t help but be enticed by. A stunning mix of maxime, calvados, antica formula and orange bitters, one to help lift when you’re feeling a little ‘dead’! or even perhaps just a smidgen snoozie.

At Urban we’re a little worried about everyone getting their five a day during these wintery months, but have no fear! We’ve thrown so much fruit around this menu, in some very inventive ways, that you’ll feel refreshed, fruity and all summery inside.  Our homemade grenadine makes its debut in our ‘Something about Mary’, and is mixed with Old Jon’s Spiced Rum and Pineapple juice for that sweet tooth in us all.

And for all those looking for that ‘WOW’ cocktail, we present to you, the ‘Zombie’. Three different rums smashed with pineapple, passionfruit, lemon, lime and lots of other bits and pieces give you a sensation not just fruity, but mouth-watering and if we could be so bold ‘satisfying’.

We’ve also got plenty for those whisky drinkers out there, bravely tempting you with a Manhattan to your desire, stirred lovingly until perfected. Even vodka has had a makeover, and we bring you a fruity one, an indulgent one, a romantic one and of course, a classic.

The hours spent trying and testing all of our beautiful new drinks wasn’t all hard work, we’ve had as much fun putting this together as we hope you will drinking them.  So next time you’re popping in, have a peruse over our little book, and we’re certain you’ll find something you fancy.