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Summer we salute you!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Summer we salute you!

Here at Urban Beach we view it as our moral responsibility to welcome summer in and because you’re our valued customers, we view it as your responsibility to help us to welcome summer in. Therefore, we’re asking you to join us across the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th April for our ‘Summer we salute you!’ festival.

Indulge in some chill out time with us from midday every day, we’ll have loads of house and guest ciders for you to enjoy, as well as our own concoction ‘the monster under the stairs’ – that’s all we’re saying about this fearsome beauty ;)

For all the ladies out there, our bartender Christian has created a fruity cider cocktail called ‘the old strawberry rose’ (chaps, don’t be put off if you fancy a try). It’s an infusion of local old Rosie cider with a delicious handcrafted fresh strawberry gomme, floating in a sea of crisp mint.

All of these ciders will be married perfectly with heaps of sausages – veggie, pork & leek, lamb & mint and chilli & pork – as well as a host of sausage specials on our specials board (no jokes please).

From 4pm (ish) on the Sunday afternoon, we’ll have some folky acoustic live music from a marvellous duo, Luke Adam and friend.

So if you want summer to be a success, grab a straw bale, sun hat and some sun cream and come on down, otherwise you’ll only have yourselves to blame for any rain that gets bestowed upon us. You know you want to, everyone loves the sunshine.

With love and hugs. Xx

P.S: Tell all your friends too. x



The glittering, thought-provoking feature that is the bar…

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Copy kindly written for us by our head of bar, Adam Haines.

Monday morning and I collided with the coffee machine; I should have the Origin blend intravenously administered. It could have been the 7:30am haze (a time that is almost alien to bartenders), but as I stepped back from the bar and sipped on the arousing dark brew, I couldn’t help but notice how it has evolved during my time here. As I neared the end of my morning ritual, it occurred to me just how much it had changed just in the past few weeks; and that if a full-time member of the bar team finds this epiphany rare…then perhaps it has been too long since we shared the likes with our beloved patrons. So I’m taking the time to study the glittering, thought-provoking feature that is the bar and point out its recent credentials to you lovely people via a megaphone and a soap box…neither of which I had, so I have turned to the wonder of the blog.

Centre stage of the back bar is a re-arrangement of spirits, ergonomically positioned to co-inside with the release of our new cocktail menu. Truly I am very pleased with the selection of drinks the bar team have concocted during the great hibernation. Spring is here people! Soon there may even be the pitter-patting of summer.

Hopefully you guys will taste first hand our eclectic mix of mixes, but to point out a few of these creatures may quell the bursting pride I feel towards them. The Rhubarb Blossom kicks things off with exploding intoxication…the flavours in the title and this one will be addictive. Green Lotus is nothing short of exquisite, a colour harmonious with the season and the freshness of herbs and roots spark the taste buds like a lightning bolt coated in silk. Rum-bongo already seems relentless in its mission to conquer the palates of the public. A foam of homemade mango liqueur crowns an apple compote brûléed with rum. Hendricks gin is reacquainted with its old comrade cucumber over a foreign playing ground of cream and mint to dazzle and confound in our Gin Meze. The obscurity and controversy of our Rodeo Star is not for the close-minded…but if there was ever an arena that bacon and chocolate could live in matrimony then it is here in this glass of cotton smooth blend.

The list is a little shy of extensive and hopefully we have pushed the boundaries of acceptable while appealing to the marvel that is human individuality. These cocktails are not done the justice of the written word…come and indulge at your convenience. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I write to you again, there is so much more to tell and it would displease me for you to miss it. But to avoid an essay style catch up…I shall leave it here and embrace another cup of Joe before taking the day; I do have drinks to make and create you know!

Where the magic happens!


Mother’s Day lunch at Urban Beach

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

It’s really not long at all now until Mother’s Day is upon us – for those of you that aren’t quite sure, it’s on Sunday March 18th ;)

If you’re looking to treat your Mum then bring her to visit us! We’ll have special Sunday roasts on the go and if you don’t fancy one of those, you can enjoy a bite to eat from our normal bistro menu. Have a little look on our menus tab to see what’s what!

We’re taking bookings for Mum’s Day, so call us on: 01202 301509 to save your space.

Love the Urbans. xx

Mothering Sunday at Urban Beach