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Simply, we are having a party this weekend!

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Copy written by our head of bar, Adam Haines

There was sun…and clear blue skies…and even the ability to shed a layer or two. I wasn’t dreaming, I may well have been hiding in the shade somewhere clenching a plethora of antihistamines and nasal sprays, but there was certainly an inkling of summer. Such a wonderful time for anyone of an inebriated persuasion, a cacophony of refreshments find their way into vogue to slake our thirst and toast the miracle of the big ball of fire. Her glory is god-like, a true heroin of the good-times. She deserves our worship and her divine might must be celebrated; another summer of laborious shades of grey cannot be tolerated. We have a duty now my friends; a responsibility to coax and entice the most glorious of seasons into its full and unrelenting glory. We at the Urban Beach will take the vanguard, we shall lead by example as we drop to our knees with a blaze in our hearts and pride on our sleeves, raising a hand to salute the summer and celebrate her benevolence.

Simply…we are having a party this weekend. All weekend, for all people who wish to enjoy the hosepipe ban and pretend to be bankers for twice the time off. As far as this humble (pale) barkeeper is concerned, only one beverage epitomises the essence of summer so lucidly. Cider…oh yes. Apples, the most iconic and biblical of fruit, have such diversity with which to produce an array of sumptuous liquids. For the Easter weekend we are bringing out the bangers to match, an eclectic mix of sausages will endeavour to line your stomach against what we hope will be an over-indulgence of nature’s natural booze.

As with most projects and produce at the Urban Beach, we love local…as local as possible. Two rambunctious creatures have appeared through the spring mist and landed into our proverbial lap from a stones throw of our town. Joe’s Cider, the Dorset Dabinett is a perfect example of cider made from a single type of apple; she holds a healthy 5% abv, with a rich and balanced taste over a full-bodied, medium base. New Forest Perry has rocked up to the shindig like an alligator at a crocodile convention. We shall forgive its interruption…as the sparkling, filtered Pear persona is quite the treat and at 6%, it is not to be sniffed at.

So…back to apples, another bag in box beast is the Hecks Traditional Farmhouse Cider from a little further a field…but if there was a Mecca to the brew-for-the-blind, it would truly be Somerset. This 6.5% hearty soul is a wonderful example of a respected style.

It appears that Glastonbury is swinging it’s way into the cider soiree…Orchard Pig has joined the hootenanny on two fronts with a box of Explorer at 4.5% and a sensational sparkling speciality by the name of Charmer, who’s notoriety for a smooth and irresistible character will turn heads a-plenty.

Finally, Mr. Whitehead has sent down a double act of bottled bliss from Hampshire; Cirrus Minor boasts an array of accolades including 1st place for the cider heats of the Wallington beer festival a few years back. Truly a summer lover, a light blend of lower-sugar apples results in a respectable 5% abv. Its rather more potent brother will attempt to knock your block off; Boxing Dog weighs in at 7.5% and packs plenty of punch. Not for the feint hearted, the blend of sweeter apples like Cox and Worcester give the brute buckets of bravado.

But we are ready to meet these well established and finely tuned attendants with something that has been lurking in a dark corner of our establishment…and it’s not myself avoiding spontaneous combustion from the sun. We have created a monster…a mystery wrapped in an enigma, a potentially hazardous taste sensation. Our homemade brew…”Monster Under The Stairs” will either be a show-stopper or a show-stopper ;)

So join us over the weekend and see what all the fuss is about; taste first hand the fruits of mans labour and the divine delicacies of our chosen protagonists. Dive into the core of celebration, the rosy red passion for seasonal shifts and sew the seeds of hope for a summer of sun…how do ya’ like them apples?

Summer we salute you!


A story about Kay’s cake

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Kay's carrot cake

For those of you taking your lunch break, we thought we’d give you a little story to enjoy. Hopefully we’ll get your mouth watering and your taste buds tingling, and you’ll want to pop in for a coffee and a big chunk of cake (or perhaps two pieces!)

“Kay is the beautiful Urban baker who gets up super early to bake lots of tempting treats which you will fi­nd in the Urban Reef deli and by our bar.

Selection of Kay's cakes

You can’t be a baker unless you like cake, it’s the law, and Kay told us she’s rather partial to a wedge of carrot cake – apparently it helps her to see in the dark ;)

Kay is kept especially busy every day baking lots of cookies, millionaire’s shortbread & chocolate fudge cake. Her brownies are also bestsellers, but for those who prefer white chocolate, Kay makes white choccy blondies too!

The end.”


If you’d like to see more of Kay’s tasty treats up at Urban Beach, just let us know and we’ll see what we can stock for you!