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Sparkly New Outdoor Re-Fit This Week!

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

It’s been a little while since our last update but we’ve been holding on to a special piece of news, just waiting for the right time for the big reveal – not unlike a machiavellian mastermind hiding away in the shadows before unveiling the master plan, only less evil and dressed more in summer shorts and bright colours. Like all good things this will certainly have been worth the wait. Before the end of next week old patrons and new customers alike will be enjoying the benefits of, wait for it… (drum roll)… Urban Beach’s new outdoor roof!


This is an artists rendition of what the new structure will look like. Yes it does include a saloon car sitting out front, it was non-optional.


Many of you who visit us already will know what a key feature the outdoor decking is to the venue, and how popular it is throughout the year. Of late the old ‘sail’ roof has fallen into a state of disrepair and our beautiful hotel lost some of its lustre. The freezing weather, and unpredictable torrents of rain took their toll on the canvas, and a few rips and tears eventually led to a look which erred precariously on the wrong side of shabby chic and did little to keep out the elements. Time then to rejuvenate, re-invigorate and make the most of this wonderful outdoor space in any season.


The new fabric roof will be completely waterproof, unlike its predecessor, and will be motorised so it can open or close depending on the weather. Whilst we are concerned with keeping out the cold and rain, we don’t want to lose those lovely summer evenings under the open sky by building a permanent immovable roof. It does however mean that, with heaters underneath, the space should be something to enjoy all year round. Owner Mark Cribb explains some of the changes,

“As always plans have got a little carried away and we are now looking at reinvesting yet another £30k into keeping the beach at the top of it’s game. So, we are taking down the stone gabion wall, replacing it will a fully rendered wall and inserting the pebbles into the render. On top of this will sit a glass screen the entire length of the deck a bit like the one on the balcony of the reef, but not as high. This will give people a wind proof space to sit behind.”

If you would like to investigate the style of roof we are putting in place before meeting her in person, you can head over to this gallery online for pictures of real life examples-


We haven’t forgotten to take care of the indoor aesthetics either. Inside the structure will be built in lights for year round use, as well twinkling fairy lights and ivy to create a ‘magical garden’ feel. “There will be a new bench going all the way along the deck, which will also be planted up and dotted with cushions.” Says Mark. Sounds just lovely.


We hope you are excited about this as we are, and invite you to come down and check out the new look as soon as possible. If all goes according to plan, it should be up and running by the end of next week. We will post up some photos as soon as we have them!



We’re thinking rum cocktails… or maybe a few g&ts would hit the spot.


Urban Beach xx