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Where is the Love? Well…

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

It’s been all change here at Urban Beach over the last few months. We’ve popped on some new glad rags, grabbed a new head chef and invested some time, money and passion back into our much loved hotel, restaurant and general hot spot for groovy times. We’ve invested 50k inside and out, and we’d love to know what you think. Let us enlighten you on what we’ve been tinkering with.


The 'Secret Garden' in full Sunday Swing. It's where magical things happen.

Anyone who has been to visit will likely have had a hard time missing the fact we have a whole new roof, and a fantastic ‘Secret Garden’ to go with it. The roof has cost us £30,000, and has been a tremendous success. It lights up in the night time, protects us from the elements, and – best of all – is completely mechanised so there is minimal fuss for the staff and disruption for our lovely customers. We can now go between shelter and sunshine with the push of a button, which is a sheer delight in the unpredictable climate this year has shown us.  Moreover, the opening party was a huge success. People came from far and wide, filled themselves with chili con carne and soaked up the atmosphere and all round good cheer. Everybody ‘ooh’ed and ‘ah’ed  with unpredictable glee when the roof had its grand reveal, and the live music kept us jigging away till it was replaced by pleasing chatter the sound of people sipping good cocktails (yes, it’s a thing).



Head Barman Adam Haines, "I can hear them sipping my cocktails." Here pictured with his own personal supply of delicious whiskey.

As if that were not enough, we’ve also re-furbished a large portion of the bistro. It’s taken us a fair bit of time, and cost an additional 20,00k but we feel it’s a worthwhile investment. Our much loved hotel attracts a loyal clientele who seem to cherish the place as much as we do. For new clients  too, its wonderful to be able to show off our fabulous place with renewed energy and pride. Owner Mark Cribb enthuses that, “After 8 years of being open we’ve taken the opportunity to re-invest some of our customers money back into the place we, and hopefully they, love.” He’s gone for some funky designs too! You can see some great examples of them by following this link:


The change has been quite prolific, although hopefully we haven’t lost anything of our homely surfer chic. There are some chickens on the furniture, as well as pretty Moroccan style permeating the overall vibe. For anyone who has passed by over the last few weeks, that may have seen the place looking like this:

Urban Beach's take on 'Modern Art'



If you were to visit now, you might find something looking a little more graceful, like this:


Urban Beach's Take on 'Nice Places To Actually Sit'



Pretty cool huh? We sincerely hope you agree. However, owner Mark has stressed the importance of your feedback. This is all for the enjoyment of you after all, our valued guests, and made possible by your coming to see us. We’d love to know how you feel about any of the new changes we’ve got going on. Contact us at – or find us on twitter @theurbanbeach

All the best and tonnes of love,

Urban xxx