Dorset Day Delights; Dairy and Delicious

Tomorrow 21st June is Dorset Day! In honour of our wonderful home county we shall be showcasing some of the finest produce available in the WORLD, made right here. We’ll also be throwing in a few special ‘Urban Beach’ adaptations for your pleasure… Naturally of course.


Pictured From Left To Right: Barbers 1833 Cheddar (World Cheese Award Champion 2012), Francis Cheese ('Best New Cheese 2012' British Cheese Awards), Dorset Apple Cake ('Real Good Cake', Urban Beach Staff Secret Munching 2013), and Black Cow Vodka (See below...)



First up lets talk about Vodka. Its a strange place to begin when you think about Dorset, but you’d be surprised. AND it links in with the cheese. That’s right, the cheese. This is because the magnificent ‘Black Cow Vodka’  is the world’s first pure milk vodka, made entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows and nothing else. A dairy farmer named Jason Barber from West Dorset came up with the idea as a way of diversifying his produce. And from this basic idea he created something truly brilliant. Fresh whole milk makes an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character. This might strange like a strange idea to some, but this really is a fantastic, unique spirit.


You can enjoy it straight, or experiment with our limited edition ‘Dorset Bloody Mary’ made with Dorset cherry tomato gazpacho, blended with fresh coriander and cucumber (plus special guests). Head Bartender Adam is aiming for a clever, fragrant take on the cocktail – although you can still add in the spice if you need!


Incidentally Black Cow Vodka is made from the same milk that is used to make Barber’s 1833 cheddar (also pictured above), winner of the World Cheese Awards Cheddar Trophy 2012. You can enjoy this as part of a fantastic Dorset Cheese Board tomorrow, which will also feature ‘Francis’, a semi soft cows cheese named the best new cheese of 2012, and ‘Burwood Bole’ with its creamy texture and sweet nuttiness.


[Extra bit of info - explains - "The milk is separated into curds and whey. The curds are used to make cheese, the whey is fermented into a beer using a special yeast that converts the milk sugar into alcohol. This milk beer is then distilled and treated to our secret blending process. The vodka is then triple filtered and finished, before being hand bottled."]



Just in case that weren’t quite enough we will also be offering a sumptuous Dorset Apple Cake (of course!) and and two fantastic local ales.  The Dorset Brewing Company and The Isle of Purbeck Brewery beers are mainstays at our bar because of their consistent high quality, and our great fortune in having them so close by. (For more info visit –


We’re taking Dorset Day as an opportunity to show off a range of quality produce we already enjoy. The coastline, countryside and people make it a wonderful place to live, and there are clear signs that there’s lots of great stuff going on agriculturally too. If you are interested, Dorset Community Foundation is promoting the day as a chance to be thankful and give something back to the community through charity or action. You can visit their page for more information here –





Pop in and see us if you can, we’re looking forward to it!

Lots of love,

Urban Beach xxx




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