You may have noticed some changes on the walls of Urban Beach recently. These paintings are the work of local artist Bevis Fenner. In order to refresh our wall art we devised a competition on Facebook offering local artists the chance to exhibit their work in the Bistro. We received some great work of varied and talented folk, but Fenner’s was the firm favourite.

His exhibition ‘Hotel’ evokes memories of a Balearic/French Riviera holiday and an over whelming sense of calm, something we feel to be representative of the ambiance we strive for in our hotel.┬áHis work will adorn our walls for the foreseeable future, and as our roof provides home to our guests, the walls provide guest to Fenner’s art.

The main aspects that attracted us to his work are the contemporary angles and focus of the subjects he chose to paint, often finding beauty from obscure perspectives. Not to mention the vivid blues, and turquioses that contrast harmoniously with our terracotta walls.

We really enjoy his work and hope you will too!





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