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March’s competition winner!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

This weeks competition winner is Bob Sharpe for his witty little limerick about the Urban Reef. Bob wins a dinner for two on a night of his choice for making us smile with his limerick. The Reef

(To be said/sung to the tune of “I joined the navy”)

The Reef

I came to Boscombe to surf the sea,
Fell flat on my face, but what did I see?
A beautiful restaurant, I had a great meal,
With drinks and a coffee, a wonderful deal.
So I went home, a satisfied guy,
And could say to my friends, with no word of a lie,
I had done it, I’d been to the Reef,
(I know it was Urban, but what a relief)

To have a chance at winning dinner for two, why not enter this months competition and dazzle us with your creativity – Design a postcard for Boscombe