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It’s Pancake Day!

Monday, February 20th, 2012

It’s Pancake Day!

It’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow (Tuesday February 21st) and that means many of us will be flipping pancakes!

One of our chef’s Ben, has given us this pancake recipe. So if you fancy having a go and making some at home yourselves then just follow it.

The recipe makes eight, so it’s a good excuse to invite some friends over too:


-          250g plain flour

-          2 eggs

-          500ml milk

-          X2 tablespoons of caster sugar



-          Sieve the flour into a large mixing bowl so it gets an airing.

-          Next add the eggs, sugar and ½ of the milk. Whisk it all up together.

-          It might be a little lumpy, but don’t worry too much, keep whisking and slowly add the rest of the milk until you get a nice smooth consistency.

-          Leave the mixture in the fridge for 15 to 20 mins.

-          Heat a pan and add a small amount of the mixture. Tip the pan from side to side to make sure you get a good even coating of batter.

-          The mixture only needs a few seconds before flipping it onto the other side.

-          Once cooked, slide onto a plate and enjoy with whatever treaty topping you like! Ben sprinkled some sugar on the pancakes, folded them into triangles and added seasonal berries and a dollop of ice cream on top. Delicious!

Urban pancakes

We’ll have a few pancakes on the go tomorrow too. Have a look at these tasty treats!


Sweet (£4.50 for two):

-          Mixed berries and vanilla ice cream

-          Banoffee

-          Cinnamon, sugar and blueberries

-          Classic sugar and lemon


Savoury (£5.50 for two):

-          Cheese and mushrooms

-          Cheese and ham

-          Chicken, sweetcorn and creamed leeks

Enjoy! X


February’s ‘2 courses for £12.95’ menu

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Come and join us throughout February and make the most of our ‘two courses for £12.95’ menu, and if you’re feeling really hungry you can enjoy ‘three courses for £16.95’!

Book with us Monday through to Saturday (yes even on a Saturday), for both lunch and dinner and you can make the most of it.

Take a little look on our menus page to download the menu and give us a call to book in: 01202 443960.

Love us Urbans. X

Two courses for £12.95

P.S: If you don’t have a booking with us, don’t worry, just pop in and we’ll try and find you a table. x


A treat for Valentine’s Day!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


Urban Valentine's hamper!

We know that buying Valentine’s gifts can sometimes be a little tricky! There’s the standard bunch of flowers, or perhaps a box of chocolates with the cuddly toy… ;) So to be a little different this year, we’d recommend buying an Urban hamper!

Filled with lots of ‘lurve’ and plenty of goodies, your loved one will be grinning from ear after receiving this little lot. Our hampers are filled with:

x2 choc chilli cookies

x1 gingerbread couple

x1 gingerbread ‘I love you!’

x1 bag of choccy truffles

x2 heart cupcakes

x1 bag of hibiscus shortbread hearts

If you’re buying a hamper for your lady friend we’ll pop in a bottle of pink fizz and if it’s for your fella we’ll include a bottle of Palmers – we think of something for everyone ;)


To order your Valentine’s hamper for collection (£25 per hamper), please email: or call 01202 443960 to reserve one.

Happy Valentine’s Day! X