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Fawkes ‘N’ Hoes Festival!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Urban Beach conker championships

Save the date boys ‘n’ girls for the Urban Beach harvest, bonfire ‘Fawkes n Hoes’ Festival!
Live music, real ales, snail racing, conker championships, epic pies and much much more! Running from the 2nd – 4th November for the whole weekend so pop the date in your diaries and we’ll keep you posted as to what’s going on with our big brother’s line-up!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page over the next few weeks for updates and photos of the preparations. The Urban Beach crew have got snails on high carb diets and sit up routines and they have been polishing their conkers…

And speaking of conkers, here are the ‘conker etiquette’ rules so you know what to expect from the games ;)

Conker Etiquette:

  1. All conkers and laces are supplied by Urban Beach.
  2. Each player is given a new conker and lace at the start of each game and they may knot the lace a maximum of one knot. Players may not re-use conkers from earlier games, however, you can re-use your laces. Laces may not be used from footwear incase of fungal contamination.
  3. The game will commence with a toss of a coin, the winner of the toss may elect to strike or receive.
  4. A distance of no less than 8’’ or 20cm of lace must be between knuckle and nut.
  5. Each player then takes three alternative strikes at the opponent’s conker.
  6. Each attempted strike must be clearly aimed at the nut, no deliberate mis-hits.
  7. The game will be decided once either of the conkers has been smashed.
  8. A small piece of nut or skin remaining shall be judged out, it must be enough to mount an attack.
  9. If both nuts smash at the same time then the match shall be re-played.

10.  Any nut being knocked from the lace but not smashing may be re-threaded within 10 seconds and the game shall be continued.

11.  A player causing a knotting of the laces (a snag) will be noted, three snags will lead to disqualification.

12.  If a game lasts for more than five minutes then play will halt and the ‘5 minute rule’ will come into effect. Each player will be allowed up to nine further strikes at their opponents nut, again alternating three strikes each. If neither conker has been smashed at the end of the nine strikes then the player who strikes the nut the most times during this period will be judged the winner.

The Chief Umpire’s decision shall be absolutely final!


Urban Beach does not accept any responsibility for broken bones, loss of limbs or death caused by this conker event. We urge participants to think about health and safety of themselves and others and suggest wearing eye goggles, welding gloves, American football helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, bulletproof vests, steel tapped boots, high visibility jackets and a cricket box for the fellas! Be warned – this sporting activity may contain nuts!

Kay’s Savoury Shortbread Buttons!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Savoury Shortbreads

This recipe is from our wonderful baker Kay. Using some lovely herbs from our piece of land out in Sopley, the New Forest. Fairly quick and easy to make too! So here you go:

Ingredients –

-          170g flour

-          125g butter

Rub the butter into the flour and add one or a mix of the following:

-          5g parmesan

-          Pinch of cracked black pepper

-          Pinch of fresh or dried herbs – we use herbs from the Urban Farm out in Sopley!

-          Couple of finely chopped sundried or black olives


Method –

-          Squish your mixture together to get a smooth soft dough, careful not to overwork it though

-          Rest – both you and the dough ;)

-          Roll out the mixture on a lightly floured surface until it’s approximately ¼ inch thick

-          Stamp out 1 ½ inch rounds of whatever shape you fancy

-          Place the rounds onto a baking sheet lined with parchment (they do tend to keep their shape so can be placed fairly close together)

-          Bake in a preheated oven on 175*C for approximately 20minutes until they start to colour. Please note, ovens vary in temperature, so please check the shortbreads as they bake

-          Leave them to cool slightly and then enjoy!


We at Urban think these are lovely with a bit of cheese and chutney :)


Sorted’s Surf Festival

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

The Sorted Surf Festival!

If you’re looking for a chilled out weekend with a bit of a festival vibe head on down to Boscombe Beach this weekend coming – Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th – for the Sorted Surf Festival. The perfect event for those of you that love a bit of a surf or SUP!

There’s lots going on at this year’s event including: SUP demos, surf demos, Indo Boarding, a SUP paddle clinic, climbing wall, photography, art and music. Our friends from Koh Thai Tapas will be popping down too.

The demo line-up includes -


Jayce Robinson (Rip Curl) will be hosting the local grom club training session

BaySup – Stand Up Paddleboard racing

BaySup – SUP Surf Contest

Wessex Surf Club – Surf Contest



BaySup – Stand Up Paddleboard racing

BaySup – SUP Surf Contest

Wessex Surf Club – Surf Contest

So head on down from 10am – 5pm on the Saturday and 10am – 4pm on the Sunday for an action packed weekend. Pop in and see us too, we’re open for brekkie, lunch, dinner and Kay’s cake! If the weather’s nice we’ll have a BBQ on the go too.

See you at the weekend!

Love the Urbans. X



Meeting Mark Diacono

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The Urban Farm!

We haven’t updated our blog with any Urban Farm info in a little while (we’re ever so sorry). Its just as it had been raining non-stop for what seems like forever, much of our fruit and veg took a fair amount of a battering due to over-flooding, so we didn’t have too much to write about!

However, the sun is now shining his little face off, so we thought we’d get back into the swing of it. Plus we wanted to fill you in about a recent meeting of ours with a wonderful chap, Mark Diacono.

Many of you probably already know, but for those who don’t, Mark Diacono is the ex-head gardener of River Cottage. The brainchild of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

Mark also runs ‘Otter Farm’ a 17 acre farm down in Devon. Otter Farm is the UK’s only climate change farm. It’s home to lots of lovely stuff – dwarf kiwis, orchards of olives, peaches, almonds, chocolate vine, Szechuan pepper, apricots and Japanese wineberries – to name just a few. Mark also has a forest garden, a vineyard and a perennial garden.

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Mark through our friend Tim Sanders from Discover Dorset, have a little look here at what Tim does (we’ve been on one of Tim’s Discover Dorset Tours and would highly recommend it!). After our introduction to Mark via Tim, we invited Mark to come and see what we’re all about! So he popped to see us for a day visit.

Mark seemed pretty excited about the Urban Farm, our little piece of land out in Sopley the New Forest, and the opportunities that it provides us with – we plant the seeds, they grow and flourish, we harvest the crop, bring it into our kitchen and plate it up for our customers. We get our customers enthused with our story and they go on to spread the word about the importance of ‘growing your own’.

After having a little look around Mark suggested we should extend our piece of land. We had a chat about a potential acre of vineyard to start growing our own grapes for wines –the staff got excited at the thought of this! We then got thinking about other things we could start to grow out there, such as planting an apple orchard to be able to produce our own cider, plus growing some other more high value crops. We also chatted to Mark about some of the stuff people don’t usually eat, such as the flowers from broad beans – we’re not going mad, it actually adds another dimension to eat certain flowers as part of your food.

Alas, our time with Mark came to end, but we felt there is so much more that we’d love to be able to learn from him and discuss with him, so we’re planning to invite him back for a BBQ at some point. We’ll pick some veg from the Urban Farm and enlist his help to cook it on the barbie.

If you want to find out more about Mark, you can have a little look at his website: and you can follow him on Twitter ‘@markdoc’ He’s a great guy, so we’d recommend you check out what he’s up to.


“To a New Yorker like you, a hero is some kind of weird sandwich…” Oddball, ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ 1970

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

The Great British Sandwich!

The 12th – 19th May is ‘British Sandwich Week’, a week to mark all things to do with the sandwich! And being food providers and food lovers, we thought we’d have a little look into the sandwich and its origins. We’ve even found some amazing and some slightly bizarre facts about what is considered by many people to be their favourite food!

It is said that the sandwich originated over two thousand years ago with various combinations placed on bread or in pastry. However, it wasn’t until 1762 when the 4th Earl of Sandwich (yes you’re reading this right, ‘sandwich’ is a historic town and civil parish on the River Stour in Dover!) that the ‘sandwich’ became official. The 4th Earl John Montagu, a British statesman, got hungry during a marathon poker match. He decided he wanted a hearty meal, but he didn’t want to put his cards down! So John asked his cook to get him something to eat that wouldn’t interfere with the game. The cook took a couple of slices of roast beef and put them between two pieces of toast. It meant that John could enjoy some good grub, while carrying on with his card game! And all of his friends started asking for “the same as Sandwich” too.

We should probably define exactly what a sandwich is, just so we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. We got this little definition from the ‘British Sandwich Association’ or BSA, the voice of the British sandwich industry:  “Any form of bread with a filling, generally assembled cold – to include traditional wedge sandwiches, as well as filled rolls, baguettes, pita bloomers, wraps, bagels and the like, but not burgers and other products assembled and consumed hot. Hot eating sandwiches are also included.”

So onto some sandwich facts:

-          The Sandwich is now 250 years old!

-          The Earl, John Montagu, who also so happened to be the First Lord of the Admiralty, funded Captain Cook’s exploration of the Pacific and was rewarded when Cook named the first land he discovered as the ‘Sandwich Islands’. You may know it better as Hawaii!

-          Nearly 11 billion sandwiches are consumed in the UK every single year…

-          If you live in London, you’re looking at spending on average an extra 17p on every sandwich you buy, £1.83 compared to the national average of £1.66. Outrageous!

-          The record for creating the most expensive sandwich ever made was claimed by chef, Tom Bridge. His ‘Lancaster cheese sandwich’ was sold on eBay in 2006 for a whopping £345! The giant creation included white Umbrian truffles which are sold at £1,700 per kilo (wowzers!)

-          Over half of the population buy a sandwich at least once a year, 62% to be precise!

-          In one year this is what is used in the UK’s sandwiches: 20,550 tonnes of chicken, 17,400 tonnes of fish, 13,500 tonnes of cheese, 11,100 tonnes of ham, 8,700 tonnes of bacon, 6,000 tonnes or egg and 2,600 tonnes of sausages. Looks like chicken is a winner then!

There you have it, looks like we’re a nation of sarnie lovers. We’ve had a little look at this website: and think it’s worth a little peruse when you get 5mins.

Happy 250th Birthday to the sandwich and here’s to the next 250 years. X


All set for the Christchurch Food Festival!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Deli stand at the Bournemouth Food Festival!

Each and every year in the month of May, Christchurch evolves into a bustling hub of activity as the high street is turned into an international food market. On Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th over 100 stalls will grace the street all selling a selection of delicious and delectable food treats. Well this year, we’re proud to say we’re going to be a part of it!

Our Urban stand will feature a selection of tempting cocktails made with the finest house pour spirits and ingredients which come fresh from the Urban farm – our very own piece of land out in Sopley, the New Forest, where we grow our very own fresh fruit and veg.

Representatives from the Urban bar will be on hand to offer their booze knowledge and to chat about the Urban farm. The Urban Reef team will also be there selling a host of scrumptious baked goodies, courtesy of Kay the baker.

You’ll be able to tuck into a selection of cakes including: carrot cake, choc fudge cake, lemon drizzle cake and Origin coffee cake. There will also be a range of biscuits, cookies and house baked breads available for purchasing too!

For further information on what’s going on at the Christchurch Food Festival

Look forward to seeing you there!

Love the Urban team. Xx


Summer we salute you festival!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Here at Urban we view it as our moral responsibility to welcome summer in and to ensure this is done in style, our Big Brother, Urban Beach is holding a ‘Summer we salute you’ festival across the Easter Bank Holiday weekend (Sat 7th, Sun 8th and Mon 9th April).

Indulge in some chill out time with the Beach crew from midday every day, they’ll have loads of house and guest ciders for you to enjoy, as well as their own concoction ‘the monster under the stairs’ – that’s all we can say about this fearsome beauty ;)

For all the ladies out there, bartender Christian has created a fruity cider cocktail called ‘the old strawberry rose’ (chaps, don’t be put off if you fancy a try). It’s an infusion of local old Rosie cider with a delicious handcrafted fresh strawberry gomme, floating in a sea of crisp mint.

All of these ciders will be married perfectly with heaps of sausages – veggie, pork & leek, lamb & mint and chilli & pork – as well as a host of sausage specials on the specials board (no jokes please).

From 4pm (ish) on the Sunday afternoon, they’ll have some folky acoustic live music from a marvellous duo, Luke Adam and friend.

So if you want summer to be a success, grab a straw bale, sun hat and some sun cream and head on down, otherwise you’ll only have yourselves to blame for any rain that gets bestowed upon us. You know you want to, everyone loves the sunshine.

With love and hugs. Xx

P.S: If you want any more info call the Beachers on: 01202 301509. They’ll be very happy to help. x

Summer we salute you festival!


Celebrate autumn and winter at Urban Beach

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Scarecrows welcome

Join the team at Urban Beach this coming Sunday November 5th from 12.30pm to celebrate all that is autumn and winter in their Harvest Festival!

The team will be out on the deck serving mulled wine, spiced cider and tasty pork rolls (£7 for a roasted pork roll with stuffing and home made apple chutney, dressed mixed salad leaves and chunky chips – yummy). For those of you with a sweet tooth, they’ll have cakes courtesy of the very lovely baker Kay. She’ll be making apple and carrot cake, and she’ll even be making some toffee apples for the kids – and for the big kids of you out there ;)

Solo artist, ‘One Man Destruction Show’, will be performing throughout the afternoon too. (He’s not quite as scary as he sounds!)

So be sure to wrap up warm and head on down. They’ll be finishing around 6pm so you can go on to enjoy some firework displays too.

Scarecrows welcome. X


Our friend Brad from Atlantis First Aid

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Rather than writing about ourselves all of the time on our blog we sometimes like to tell you about other interesting things – after all we can’t write about us every week, we’d run out of things to say ;) So we had a little think and we thought we’d introduce you to one of our lovely friends who just so happens to be a rather talented chap. Say hello to Brad Marsh!

Brad runs and owns Atlantis First Aid and over the past year we have got to know him fairly well. We met him first in the summer months when he provided some of the team with first aid training and he recently provided us some fire safety training too.

Now we’ll hand you over to Brad and he can tell you some more about himself.

How did you come to set Atlantis First Aid up?

It all started when I went to Uni with the aim of becoming a PE teacher. At that time I was already a lifeguard, swimming teacher and had worked in hotels on functions, so I already knew I loved to teach/train/instruct and give amazing customer service! I also knew I liked to teach in ways that were interesting, fun AND got results.

I put myself on a First Aid and Lifeguard Instructor Course and loved every minute of it. It complimented my sports degree and background and I began to question my PE teacher aspirations. I felt there was much more freedom to use active and realistic training in first aid and it would make more of a difference to people’s lives. I really believed that first aid training as a whole was very dated and needed an injection of fresh, modern and up-to-date training techniques.

I began running first aid courses almost immediately, feedback from customers was brilliant and Atlantis First Aid was born!  Our Personal style is one of professionalism, approachability, informality and honesty.


Tell us a bit about the company – what kind of training do you offer?

Atlantis First Aid now aims to be a “one-stop-shop” for all training in small to medium sized businesses. We don’t discount large or corporate customers. In fact we’ve just undertaken training for companies such as Siemens, JP Morgan Chase and Scottish and Southern Energy to name but a few. We just love the personal touch, help, support and advice we feel we can give to smaller businesses. Our range of courses include (almost) all First Aid courses, Fire Awareness and Fire Warden / Marshal courses, Manual Handling Courses of various types and coming soon… Food safety / Hygiene courses! Also, if we don’t personally offer the training you’re looking for, we (usually) know somebody who does it and does it well.


So there you have it. We hope you can get a feel for Brad and his company. We definitely recommend him! Take a little look at: and no doubt Brad will be very happy to help :-)


The man himself, Brad Marsh


Urban crew at the Bournemouth Food Festival

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Bournemouth Food Festival

We are getting set to attend the first ever Bournemouth Food Festival this coming Friday July 29th – Sunday July 31st. Taking place in Bournemouth town centre, we’ll be joined by a host of other local Bournemouth traders including, Koh Thai Tapas, The Royal Bath Hotel, Chocol8 and Olives et al (to name just a few!)

Come and see us as we’ll be selling a host of tasty treats from our deli including: carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake and brownies galore, all courtesy of our very own baker Kay. We’ll even be bringing Kay along with us over the weekend, so feel free to ask her how she bakes such delights ;)

As well as selling a selection of Urban produce we’re also sending along some of the team to take part in the live demos! Head of the Urban Reef bar Maria, will be joined by our GM at Urban Beach Chris and head of Urban Beach bar, Adam and the trio will be showcasing some of their favourite cocktails from 5.30 – 6.30pm on the Friday. They’re hoping for a bit of audience participation too to see who has been watching properly ;)

We hope to see you over the weekend. X